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Eastern European Investment Fund

Broadgate Capital is an international fund manager with focus on real estate, developments, delivery of turn key projects and service solutions for the real estate industry within the Baltic States of Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania.

Our real estate activities and beeing a leading provider of service solutions within the Baltic States, have given us extensive experience and a broad network of co-operation partners. We have our head office in Tallinn, Estonia and have been investing in the Baltics since March 2005. We currently manage two funds and are working on launching new funds both in the Baltics as well as outside. Beside fund management and direct investment activities, we also focus on overall property administration, maintenance, advisory and other business services related to the property sector.

We believe in an open and transparent management with no ’hidden‘ extra costs, and relie on a network of high quality local and international partners such as Deloitte in Estonia and Malta, BHF-BANK in Switzerland, SEB Bank in Estonia, Sorainen Law Offices, the leading pan-Baltic law firm and Wittfoht-Architekten, the acclaimed team of architects based in Germany and Switzerland. Working closely with these partners ensures professional risk management which minimises surprises and enables the lowest cost of operation.

Real estate is a local business and therefore we have our own management team and employees on the ground in the areas we invest in. This ensures quality deal-flow through a network of well connected entrepreneurs and developers. It enables understanding of local regulations, local planning, culture, taste and building habits, as well as an in-depth understanding of residential and commercial customers.

We apply best of breed practices

based on years of experience in property development and venture capital with an emphasis on operational excellence. This benefits our investors because we:

  • Apply time and resources where they are most efficient
  • Utilize industry leading performance metrics on all activities, in particular with regards to cash flow and leverage
  • Enforce a disciplined investment approach when evaluating dozens of opportunities before accepting one
  • Outsource and subcontract-, non-core competencies to boost operational performance
  • Believe in transparent management and fund set-up with no ’hidden‘ costs and rely on a network of high quality, local and international partners

Our unique operation setup:

  • Low overhead and effective management disciplines
  • Proven track record and unique concept
  • Rapid launch capabilities
  • Flexibility due to few regulatory requirements
  • Licensed, tax efficient fund management structure
  • Proven credibility, accountability and reliability

Broadgate Capital unique business model:

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Old Town Apartment, Office & Retail Building
Pikk 36/Olevimagi 5 -
Old Town Apartment & Office Building
Toompark Exclusive Apartments
Parnu Plaza
Tallinn Harbour Apartments
Narva Highway 9A Offices, Tallinn -
Narva Highway 9J Offices, Tallinn
Old Town Townhouse
Narva-Joesuu Beach Apartments
WW Passaaz - Old Town Retail Center
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