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Baltic Fund Partners

Banker and Paying Agent

BHF-BANK is the appointed Banker and Paying Agent of the New Europe Opportunity Fund. BHF-BANK will also handle settlements between sellers and buyers of the Fund’s shares. BHF-BANK (Switzerland) Ltd. is a wholly-owned subsidiary of the German BHF-BANK, engaged in private banking for more than 150 years. BHF-BANK is a privately-owned bank offering comprehensive, professional, advisory services, with personalised and holistic management of client assets, leveraging all the benefits of being based in the important financial centre of Zurich, Switzerland.


Tax Advisor

Deloitte will advise Broadgate Capital on tax and structural issues. Deloitte is the largest global professional services firm in the world. With over 120,000 people in nearly 150 countries, Deloitte is continuously growing and evolving its services. The Deloitte office in Malta has been established for over 25 years and currently employs over 150 people. Deloitte Malta is renowned in the marketplace for quality in everything it does and its people are committed to helping clients perform to the maximum of their potential.


Legal Advisor

Sorainen will advise Broadgate Capital on all aspects of due diligence, contracts and legal issues in the Baltics. Sorainen Law Offices is the leading pan-Baltic law firm with offices in Tallinn, Riga, Vilnius and Helsinki. Sorainen continually monitors legislative developments and has close ties with the local business community. Sorainen has been at the forefront of legal developments in the Baltic region. In addition to numerous publications and articles about the legal environment for business and investment in the Baltic States, its lawyers have been active in the EU harmonisation process.


Real Estate Valuation

Ober-Haus will provide the Fund with independent valuations of properties and brokerage services. Ober-Haus Real Estate is the largest real estate agency operating in the Baltic States and Central European region including Poland, Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania. Ober-Haus is a highly experienced provider of property asset services and has, since 1994, grown to employ over 300 real estate professionals in more than 30 offices. Ober-Haus provides high quality and comprehensive property valuation services to its clients across the Baltic States by employing the most qualified real estate experts in each country.


Commercial Property Advisor

Re&Solution will assist the Manager with commercial concepts, tenant sourcing, property management and brokerage services. Re&Solution is a leading regional commercial property advisor. They are recognised as one of the most innovative and resourceful advisory sources throughout the Baltic region. Re&Solution provides comprehensive consulting services to a wide range of clients including across the Baltic region. The company provides strategic advisory, property management, brokerage, research and certified valuation services. Re&Solution undertakes assignments for property due diligence, real estate M&A and restructuring, as well as acts in large-scale property investment transactions.


International Architects

Wittfoht-Architekten have been honored by several major European Architect awards. They are located in Stuttgart and Zurich, with a wealth of experience working on large commercial and residential construction projects. Their architectural work not only represents the pursuit of technical and design excellence, but also sound economics. Wittfoht-Architekten presents comprehensive architectural concepts providing shape and thought unity. Jens Wittfoht's team of professionals believe that adding value to the developments they work on is the number one priority. Wittfoht-Architekten is a trusted partner of Broadgate Capital providing architectural solutions for several of our projects because we share common values in Architecture.

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