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Baltic Real Estate Investment Strategy

Broadgate Capital invests in prime land plots suitable for residential or commercial development, and yield generating buildings in the capital and secondary cities of the all three Baltic States.

Properties will be targeted where the potential for growth in residential demand is high, or where the Fund can add value to buildings through development, improving commercial concepts or by more professional property management.

The entire real estate portfolio will be valued twice a year by an independent real estate appraiser. The results of the yearly appraisal will be used as the basis for valuation in the Company’s annual report.

Broadgate Capital manages two property funds:

Fund Minimum Subscription Issue Price
Baltic Investment Holdings Closed for subscriptions in 2005  
New Europe Opportunity Fund Closed for subscriptions in 2007  
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Old Town Apartment, Office & Retail Building
Pikk 36/Olevimagi 5 -
Old Town Apartment & Office Building
Toompark Exclusive Apartments
Parnu Plaza
Tallinn Harbour Apartments
Narva Highway 9A Offices, Tallinn -
Narva Highway 9J Offices, Tallinn
Old Town Townhouse
Narva-Joesuu Beach Apartments
WW Passaaz - Old Town Retail Center
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