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How to Invest in Emerging Markets

Broadgate Capital manages a series of property funds. The objective of each fund is to generate attractive investment returns by focusing on prime development land and prime commercial real estate within the residential, retail, and office real estate sectors.

Investments are structured as closed-end, direct property acquisitions. The funds are primarily targeted at high net-worth individuals and institutional investors.

For further information about how to invest in Broadgate Capital’s funds, please contact us.

Broadgate Capital Funds

Fund Minimum Subscription Issue Price
Baltic Investment Holdings Closed for subscriptions in 2005.  
New Europe Opportunity Fund EUR 100,000 EUR 100

Share Transfers

If a fund is closed for new subscriptions, Broadgate Capital will match buyers and sellers once per quarter following calculation of the fund’s NAV. BHF-BANK will handle settlement between buyers and sellers of the fund’s shares. Potential buyers or sellers of such shares should contact Broadgate Capital for more information. To contact a Broadgate Capital representative, please click here.

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Old Town Apartment, Office & Retail Building
Pikk 36/Olevimagi 5 -
Old Town Apartment & Office Building
Toompark Exclusive Apartments
Parnu Plaza
Tallinn Harbour Apartments
Narva Highway 9A Offices, Tallinn -
Narva Highway 9J Offices, Tallinn
Old Town Townhouse
Narva-Joesuu Beach Apartments
WW Passaaz - Old Town Retail Center
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