Baltic Investment Holdings Fund

Fund Facts

  Baltic Investment Holdings Fund (Malta)
Manager Broadgate Capital
Investment Objectives To invest in development projects and cash flow-generating real estate with good potential for value growth.
Region All investments have been made in Estonia
Sectors 61% Development, 39% Cash-flow
Auditor Deloitte
Assets under management X
Performance Only for investors
Closing date August 2005. The Fund is fully subscribed and closed to new investors
Minimum investment EUR 100,000
Currency EUR
Management fee 2%
Structure Closed-end fund with 5 year investment term
Dividends The Fund's strategy is to create capital growth, taking advantage of the favourable tax treatment of company profits in Estonia. However, there may be dividend payments during the Investment Term to optimize IRR and investor cash flow.
Redemptions None until final liquidation
Liquidity Shares are freely tradable. BHF-BANK will handle settlement between buyers and sellers of the fund's shares.

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